Interview by Bob Gordon

What’s the best thing about playing festivals?

Playing festivals offers a unique experience of connecting with larger and more diverse audiences. It’s a chance to share my music with new fans and forge connections with fellow musicians who are part of the same event.

Do you have a Blues at Bridgetown experience that you’d like to share, either performing or as an audience member? 

One standout memory at Blues at Bridgetown was winning the Bridgetown Blues Competition with a trio back in 2015.

Where do you feel you fit in musically along the blues and roots scale?

Blues forms the cornerstone of my musical foundation. My original compositions are deeply influenced by the blues genre and will always carry those echoes. Growing up immersed in the sounds of blues greats left an indelible mark on my style.

What have been the highlights of your music career thus far?

A pivotal moment was gracing the stage in America, specifically in Memphis TN. There’s a certain magic about playing at BB Kings on Beale Street that I’ll never forget. More recently, clinching the Nationwide American Express Music Backers Fund studio week and ultimately winning the competition among all the talented bands and artists who participated, was a tremendous honour.

What have you been mainly focussing on in 2023 and how is it coming along?

2023 has been a year of deep exploration into mixing and production. Alongside that, I’ve had the privilege of extensive travel both within the state and abroad, with performances in the UK. It’s been a year of growth and refining my craft.

What are your plans and hopes for 2024?

2024 is shaping up to be a year of adventure and creativity. There’s potential for a significant move, perhaps even emigrating. The primary focus, however, will be on composing and producing my own music from the comfort of my home studio.

What can folks expect from your performances at Blues at Bridgetown?

Bridgetown holds a special place in my heart as it allows me to revisit my roots in performing blues. Audiences can anticipate a blend of my original music, infused with a distinctive bluesy touch. Of course, I’ll also throw in some classics from legends like SRV, BB King, and maybe a Jimi Hendrix number for good