2024 Food and Merchandise Vendor Applications


• Each Street Party Vendor Site is a standard 3m deep x 6m long. Festival Vendors will have different site footprints according to their approved application. Your set-up MUST fit within these dimensions.

• Applications close 15th September 2024

Do not send payment with your application. If your application is successful, you will be invoiced.

• For your application to be considered, it must be accompanied by all required documentation and fully completed



1. Vendors are to treat other vendors, customers and event personnel with respect. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

2. Vendors must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to those governing the areas of food preparation and service, health and safety, consumers and fair-trading.

3. Blues at Bridgetown Inc. reserves the right to decline any application. Decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

4. Vendors are required to hold a Public Liability Certificate of Currency. A copy must be provided with your application for your application to be considered.

5. Food Vendors must have the appropriate registration as required per the Food Act 2008. A copy must be provided with your application for your application to be considered.

6. Vendors are responsible for any damage they cause to other property.

7. The following goods are not permitted: • Weapons or imitation weapons (including toys) • Hazardous or flammable goods • ‘Fun string’ and ‘silly string’ type products • Shaving cream • Any goods prohibited by law.

8. Failure to comply with any Term or Condition will adversely affect any application for a future event. It may also result in you being removed from the event site and/or in your bond not being returned to you.


9. It is a condition of application that you trade for the minimum duration of 9:00am — 6:00pm.

10. Vendors are permitted to trade at their discretion from 6:00pm — 9:30pm. Note that Vendor sites must be clear by 10:00pm (refer to Bump-out section).


11. Vendor Sites are allocated at the discretion of Blues at Bridgetown Inc. in the best interests of the Festival. There are limited shade positions.

12. Vendor Site locations may not be the same as in previous years due to changes to event layouts.

13. Blues at Bridgetown Inc. reserves the right to reallocate Vendor Sites at any time as/if required for any operational reason(s).

14. Your designated Vendor Site is your approved trading area. Set-up/trading in any other area is not permitted.


15. Each Vendor Site is a standard 3m deep x 6m long. You are not permitted to encroach into neighbouring Vendor Sites or shop areas.

16. All Vendor Sites must be left in same condition as they were found.

17. Vendors are required to maintain their stall and surroundings in a clean and tidy manner at all times.

18. Vendors are responsible for the security of their stall, equipment, and products. Any loss or damage to your property or stock is your responsibility.

19. Use of amplifiers, loudspeakers or loud hailers by vendors is prohibited.

20. No dogs or other animals are permitted.


21. Vendors must bring all their own equipment for trading.

22. All structures must be firmly anchored to the ground in a manner to withstand reasonable winds.

23. Vendors should ensure they have adequate sun as well as rain protection for inclement weather.


27. Vendors will receive one pass for parking in a designated area. Vehicles cannot be parked beside your Vendor Site.

28. Vendors are strongly encouraged to bring a suitable trolley to enable you to transport stock between your vehicle and the Vendor Site at any time, particularly for bump-out.


29. Road closure is planned to be in effect from Saturday 7:00am to Sunday 4:00am. Road closure is in effect when advised, not strictly the planned time as it may be delayed for operational reasons.

  • Road Closure is not confirmed and details will be sent closer to the event with the confirmed times including bump in and bump out

30. During road closure times, no vehicles are permitted on the road.

31. Outside road closure times, vehicles are permitted and must abide by all normal traffic and parking rules/regulations as the road in normal operation.


32. Vendors are not permitted to set up on the road until advised by event personnel that the road closure is complete and in effect.

33. Drop-offs for bump-in are permitted from 4:00am to 7:00am prior to road closure.

34. Any drop-offs prior to road closure being in effect must be placed on the footpath adjacent to your allocated Vendor Site, not on the operational road.

35. Equipment and goods on the footpath must be placed with care as to not create trip hazards.


36. Vendors must have their Vendor Site completely clear by 10:00 pm.

37. All equipment and goods must be carried or trolleyed back to vehicles. Vehicles are not permitted on the road as the road closure is still in effect.

38. Care must be taken during pack-down/bump-out as the road is still crowded with pedestrians.

39. All vendors are required to clear away their own ‘trading waste’ from their Vendor Site such as boxes, containers etc. There are ample bins throughout the site for you to use.


40. Fees are charged according to the attached Vendor Fee Schedule for 2024.

41. Successful applicants will be invoiced and must pay their fees and bond in full no later than 30 September 2024.Failure to pay by the due date will result in your Vendor Site being reallocated to another vendor.

42. Cancelations must be requested in writing. No fees will be refunded for cancelations after 30 September 2024. Bond will be returned in full.

43. Fees will not be refunded should inclement weather or factors beyond the control of Blues at Bridgetown Inc. affect the event. Vendors participate at their own risk


24. Blues at Bridgetown Inc. does not supply power to Vendor Sites. If power is required, vendors will need to supply their own silent and low emission generator.

25. All electrical equipment including power cables and generators must have passed inspection and be tagged by a licensed electrical contractor.

26. Blues at Bridgetown Inc. production personnel may impound non-tagged electrical equipment including power cables or non-compliant generators. Impounded items can be collected at the conclusion of the event.

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